Achieve smoother, younger-looking skin on your face and body with Morpheus8, the most advanced microneedling and fractional radio frequency (RF) device on the market and only at Jessica Elizabeth Skincare.

Morpheus8 penetrates skin more deeply than any other microneedling device on the market, stimulating deep layers of skin and fat with a potent combination of tiny needles and fractionated radio frequency energy. Morpheus8 triggers the skin’s natural healing response while also tightening, lifting, and smoothing lax areas for immediate and dramatic overall rejuvenation so you can look years younger without surgery.

Morpheus8 microneedling RF Benefits:

  • Diminish lines and wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds
  • Lift and tighten lax skin around the jowls or other areas
  • Smooth skin
  • Reveal a younger-looking appearance
  • Provide long-lasting rejuvenation
  • Penetrates up to 8 millimeters of the skins surface
  • Suitable for both face and body
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Rejuvenate hands
  • Firm skins on the neck and décolletage
  • Smooth thinner skin on the chest
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks

The first and only full-body fractional technology for subdermal adipose remodeling (SARDS). Despite being applied externally, it offers the deepest fractional technology, allowing a physician or aesthetic provider to target deep layers of a patient’s skin and remodel collagen.

We recommend a series of 3-5 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart for the best outcome.



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